Does every camino need purpose?


I have now done two parts of the Camino de Santiago: 

in 2012 from the Pyrenees to Santiago

in 2013 from Le Puy to Cahors.

I’m not sure if it is a correct way of thinking, but I wanted to have a purpose for each journey to the camino, not just passing time. I believe I did in 2012 and 2013.

Now, in 2014, I would like to do part of the camino to Rome, namely from La Verna to Assisi and then to Rome. Strictly speaking, this is not a traditional medieval pilgrimage route, that went over the Alps, through Florence and down the west coast of Italy to Rome. Nevertheless, it is becoming more known, and luckily I have made contact with Sandy, who is doing this camino route now. He is recording his experiences very fully and fluently in his blog

This can always change, but at the moment, my wishes for this camino would be to follow the footsteps of St Francis, to be part of Italy for a few weeks, and also to visit the SantEgidio community in Rome.

Is this enough, or too much?

2 thoughts on “Does every camino need purpose?

  1. Hi,
    last days I thougth at you and ask me wich way do you want to go these year. Your way sounds great. When did you start?
    I heared a sentence: the longest way start with the first step. I think the first step is the biggest and for me the purpose of the way. every day is there a new one. every thing else show me the way.

    • I will probably go in October, like last year. The first step is hard, maybe because it is the practical details like arranging the trip. I think the best time is the first step of the real camino, because everything is in front of you.

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